Queer – LGBTI – Gay

We offer a competent counselling on asylum for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and inter* refugees.
The counselling is meant to address all people who are currently in their asylum procedure and who live in Würzburg and Unterfranken.

Our conculting service includes, that:

  • we give you detailed information regarding the asylum procedure in Germany and we accompany you through every step of your procedure.
  • we inform you about LGBTI-specific aspects in the asylum procedure.
  • we will prepare you for the hearings/interview as well as the court proceeding.
  • we can help you if you are exposed to hostility in your accommodation.
  • we can put you in contact with other local organizations.
  • we can connect you with other LGBTI activists.
  • we are willing to provide your lawyer with country reports and information about your country of origin.

Therefore we cooperate, among others, with:

Please Contact us as early as possible:

Tel.: +49 175 1253224


3. November 2020