Hier stellen wir Ihnen eine Auflistung interessanter Berichte von Ländern zur Verfügung, von denen Unterfranken besonders viele Geflüchtete zugewiesen bekommen hat. So können Sie sich über die Menschenrechtslage in den Heimatländern der Geflüchteten sowie über deren Fluchtgründe informieren.



Amnesty Report 2020


„”They don’t treat us like humans“ – Inlawful returns of Afghans from Turkey and Iran (2022)

„”Death in Slow Motion – Women and Girls under Taliban“ (2022)

„The Rule of Taliban: A year of violence, impunity and false promises“ (2022)

„No escape – War crimes and civilian harm during the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban“ (2021)

„Like an obstacle course – Few routes to safety for Afghans trying to flee their country“ (2021)

„We survived the virus, but may not survive the hunger“ (2021)

Amnesty Report 2020

Amnesty Report 2019

Dokumentation über die Gefahren abgeschobener Asylbewerber in Afghanistan


„We will erase you from this land: Crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia’s Western Tigray Zone“ (2022)
I don’t know if they realized I was a person – Rape and other sexual violence in the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia (2021)

Amnesty Report 2020

Beyond Law Enforcement (2020)

Amnesty Report 2019


Amnesty Report 2020

Eritrea: Repression without Borders (2018)

Bosnien und Herzegowina

„Systemic solutions and meanful EU support, including safe pathways, could prevent recurring humanitarian emergencies“ (2021)


„Greece: Violence, Lies and Pushbacks“ (2021)

Amnesty Report 2020

„Caught in a political Game – Asylum-Seekers and Migrants on the Greece/Turkey Border pay the price for Europe’s Failures“ (2020)

Amnesty Report 2019


Legacy of Terror – The Plight of Yezidi Child Curvivors of Isis (2020)

Amnesty Report 2019

Dead Land – Islamic State’s Deliberate (2018)


Länderreport 2020

They shot our children. – Killings of minors in Iran’s 2019 November Protests

Länderreport 2019


Amnesty Report 2020

Pushed to the edge: Violence and abuse against refugees and migrants along the Balkan Route (März 2019)


Lithuania: Forced out or locked up – Refugees and migrants abused and abandoned (2022)


No one will look for you – Forcibly returned from sea to Libya (2021)


They beat him in the head, to check if he was dead (2022)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (August 2018)

Naher Osten und Nord-Afrika

Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa (Review of 2018)


Amnesty Report 2020


Gruelty not compassion, at Europe’s other borders (2022)


You’re going to your death” – Violations against Syrian Refugees returning to Syria (2021)

Amnesty Report 2020

Nowhere is save for us – Unlawful Attacks and Mass Displacement in North-West Syria (2020)

Amnesty Report 2019

Syria: ‘We Leave or We Die’: Forced displacement under Syria’s ‘reconciliation’ agreements

Jordan: Living on the Margins – Syria Refugees in Jordan Struggle to Access Health Care (23 March 2016)
(Auswahl weitere Sprachen)

Lenanon: ‘I Want A Safe Place’: Refugee Women From Syria Uprooted And Unprotected In Lebanon (8 March 2016)

Gezielte Angriffe auf Krankenhäuser (03. März 2016)


Amnesty Report 2020

Amnesty Report 2019

“Displaced and Dispossessed“ – Bericht zu den Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in der kurdischen Region – Dezember 2016
Displaced and Dispossessed: Sur Residents’ Right to Return Home.

„No safe Refuge: Asylum-Seekers and Refugees denied effective Protection in Turkey“.

Send to a War Zone: Turkey’s Illegal Deportations of Syrian Refugee (25.10.2019)


Amnesty Report 2020

Amnesty Report 2019


“I used to have a home – Older peoples’s experience of war, displacement, and access to housing in Ukraine (2022)

“Like an prison convoy”: Russia’s unlawful transfer and abuse of civilians in Ukraine during filtration (2022)

Lenanon: ‘He’s not coming back” – War crimes in northwest areas of Kyiv oblast (2022)

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